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Possessing over 10 years of industry expertise, VERTEX’s highly knowledgeable technical officers are experienced at assisting startups and SMEs with creating and adopting the best possible technological and development strategies that meet business objectives.

A chief technical officer is a key position within any business looking to make a mark in the digital landscape. Our CTO as a Service offering enables businesses to engage the services of a virtual CTO at affordable costs – they pay only for what they need, according to the scope of the services. With CTO as a Service, you can solve various technical challenges, such as setting up your tech initiatives or managing and guiding the development team, without any long-term commitments or the hassle of the recruitment process.

We offer our virtual CTO service exclusively to clients who choose to partner with us for core software development services.


If you are a nascent startup or small business looking to achieve guaranteed success with your software development initiatives, there are several reasons why hiring an external CTO would work in your favour.

Cost-Efficient and

Expert Technological

Assistance with Project

Smooth Digital

Align Industry Trends with

Lower Operational


Our virtual CTO service covers everything, from technical consultation and management to meeting business goals with the right development strategies.



The virtual CTO that you choose – to take over the software development initiative for your startup or SME – will fulfil some or all of the following responsibilities towards your organisation.

Serve as Technical Advisor

The main responsibility that a CTO offers is that of technical advisory for various aspects of your software development initiative. It is necessary that the CTO is able to not only focus on specifics but also see the big picture, and take appropriate steps for your startup’s growth.

Perform Critical Analysis

All technical decisions pertaining to product development will be handled by the CTO. They will carefully assess the problem that needs to be solved, weigh the pros and cons of each solution, and conduct proper unbiased analysis before taking any major decisions.

Prepare Project Pitches

Startups or SMEs that are just entering the technological landscape often struggle with pitching their projects effectively to potential stakeholders. A CTO will help you bridge the gap between business and technology.

Build Your Tech Team

The technical knowledge that a CTO is equipped with makes them perfect for advising on putting together a tech or software development team. They can help you assemble a team, filling all relevant roles. For thorough oversight, the CTO can also act as manager.

Introduce a New Project

A chief technical officer who is well-versed in all aspects of modern technology will not only present to you all possible options but also see if they are suited to your business so that your new project is truly innovative in its approach.

Scale an Existing Project

If your small business is looking to grow, improve its internal operations, or provide better services to its clients, our CTO services will help you overcome any hurdles that you may face in the adoption of newer, better technologies.

Improve Development Processes

If the activities of your new or existing business are dependent on product development, a CTO will help your organisation achieve efficiency by opting for the best, most viable technological tools and processes for product development.

Estimate Budgets

It is crucial for a business, especially a new one, that every single decision it makes is a financially viable one. The combination of technical and business know-how that a CTO possesses will help you meet your goals within your budgetary constraints.

Set Goals and Timelines

In the role of a manager, a CTO can assist you with setting realistic goals and estimates for your development initiatives. They will help you stay on track so that the development team meet its goals as efficiently as possible, in a timely manner.

Meet Your Unique Needs and Requirements

If you have any other task in mind, the chief technical officer you opt for will assess and analyse whatever you have planned for your organisation. They will help ensure that your unique technical and business goals, no matter how complex, go hand in hand.


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